Our Mission 

What is our reason for being?

  • To educate
  • To nurture
  • To serve the community
  • To develop children’s faith and spirituality
  • To be inclusive
  • To improve life outcomes
  • To develop children’s life and learning skills
  • To develop morals and principles 

Our Values

For the whole school

  • Respect
  • Aspiration
  • Faith
  • Fun
  • Love
  • Equality
  • Self –worth

Our Vision 

Our School Vision for 2025

To be a Church of England Primary School that:-

  • Nurtures each individual as a whole person to enable them to achieve their God given potential and to make outstanding progress.
  • As a community demonstrates love and respect for all of God’s creation.
  • Provides an exciting, broad and ambitious curriculum that equips learners for the future.

British Values

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The official start of the school day (morning registration) is 08:50 and the school day runs until 15:20, this includes breaks but not optional before or after school activities.

The total time this amounts to in a typical week is 32.5 hours.

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